Areas of Practice

Whether your business is well established and looking for counsel to handle a complex issue, or you are just starting out and looking for a partner who will grow with you, Huey Law Firm can help.


The right entity can limit liability, minimize taxes, and improve owner relationships. However, the right entity is not just about your goals, it is also about your unique business story. It can be very complicated and time consuming to make the choices that are best for you. Huey Law Firm is here to help take the guesswork out of selecting the correct company structure, and ensure you have the right documents and reminders to keep-up with compliance. By partnering with counsel, you can reap the rewards of effective entity management, and keep more of your most precious resource, time.


Contracts are a fact of modern business life. They are necessary to reduce ambiguity and shift risk in business relationships. Further they cannot be avoided. If you are not taking an active role in your contract drafting, then you are leaving any disagreement to common law, or worse, the terms set by the opposing party. Take a proactive role with your contracts by drafting documents that cover your business concerns, while also being clear enough to be understood by the people who rely on them. From simple client contracts, and website terms and conditions, to employment agreements, distributor agreements, and licensing agreements, Huey Law Firm is here to draft the right agreement for you.


Often the most important business asset you have is your creativity, goodwill, and brand. Taking the time to protect this intellectual property ensures you are justly compensated for your efforts. Whether it is preventing copies, licensing your intellectual property, or adding value in a sale, it begins with a plan. Huey Law Firm can help that plan by identifying, registering, licensing, and protecting your trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property.


Your company equity is a valuable asset. Offering equity to employees and contractors allows you to attract top talent at a lower up-front cost. Raising money through equity can help grow your business quickly and may allow for more growth than debt can alone. Huey Law Firm is here to help turn your equity potential into business growth by helping you meet the legal requirements for offering equity.